In this week’s show, we’re gonna take you through all the elements that make up an epic lead magnet that’ll have your audience hooked, ready and drooling to sign up for. We look at the best types, how to integrate them into what you do, and some tips for making them really stand out. These are the first steps to growing your all important email list, so the better they are, the healthier your email list will be!

And in this week’s Content Report, Mike gives us a very interesting rundown of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I was also surprised there were only 7! And I wax lyrical about one of the nicest (and most successful) guys out there - Mr. Pat Flynn and The Smart Passive Income podcast. A podcast that as of this air date is up to a whopping 296 episodes! Big numbers! Big content! Big value! An incredibly varied and enlightening show with some great guests.

Let’s get to it!

No time for the whole show? No worries!

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