A few weeks ago, we dished out some great tips on how to name your business. So it would seem a little poor of us if we didn’t balance it up with what NOT to do!

A lot of freelance entrepreneurs and startup business owners rush into their business name. Head down. Blindfold on. But this can cause some major issues down the line. And we don’t want that to happen to you.

Here are 10 top no-no’s to look out for when choosing your business name. After you’ve gone through these, you’ll also realise just how many bad business names there are out there!

And you know what? Even if you do have a business name that falls into one of these categories already - don’t worry! Nothing’s forever. Apart from Donny Osmond. But nobody can help that.

You can always re-brand. It’s not something to undertake lightly, but it definitely can be done. So grab your Show cuppa. Stick a Do Not Disturb sign to your forehead and get ready to be enlightened.

This week’s Content Report also includes the world-renowned and incredibly entertaining Losing My Virginity, by the one and only Richard Branson. Did you know he used to live in a crypt? We all gotta start somewhere right? Although preferably not there...We also talk about Creating A Brand Identity: A Guide For Designers by Catherine Slade-Brooking. A great primer for brand strategy and design. You might not need all of it though if you’re not a graphic design student. Ready?

Let’s get to it!

(Oh, and a quick side note for this episode - Mike decided to pretty much balance his phone on top of his mic, so there is, unsurprisingly, some interference in the background at points. We are all sorry for Mike’s hideous and frankly, upsetting mistake.)

No time for the whole show? No worries!

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