Yes, you did read that title correctly. I used the word ‘successful’. In this week’s show, we are revealing exactly how we started the podcast and how we keep on doing it week in, week out.

Most people think that it’s all about the hardware or the software you use. But in all honesty, they don’t really have anything to do with it. A successful podcast is built on content and process. Get those two things right and you could scream from bus stop every week and people will start to listen if it’s what they wanted to hear.

We’re going to go through every single stage of how we started this podcast, how it has changed over the past year and the crucial things we’ve learned along the way (quite a lot, judging from the first few shows it seems!)

In the Content Report this week, we take a look at the absolutely astounding and amazingly eye-opening book, Factfulness by Hans Rosling. And on a more tactical level, we delve down deep into the contact page on your website with 21 Tips, Tricks & Examples For A Rocking Contact Us Page from the Wordstream blog.

Let’s get to it!

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